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hi...i am 20 years old...5 feet 7 weight is 66 kg...i want to have a good body...6 pack in my belly..i haven't started gym first of all i want to be tall..wanna grow my height..i want to be 5 feet 11 inch or 6 there any way to grow height?which exercise, food, and natural things help to grow height? for the first step of bodybuilding what i have to do?? i also have so much fat in my belly is bigger..i want to lose it..

Hello rahul

At 20yo, you cannot get taller.
Your height you have right now, is the height you will have all your life.

You have 5p7, 66kgs. Dont worry about your fat! Now you need muscles.

You have to get a gym membership, or find someone with some dumbells/barbells.

The best way to gain lean muscles, is to train a different bodypart each day, on a 4 day/week routine.
You will have to start slowly, with minimum weight, and little by little your muscles will get biggers and biggers, over the months.
Nutrition is also very important. As a ectomorph, eat 6 or 7 littles meals a day, with a lot of proteins and carbs. I suggest 30gr of proteins and 50grs of carbs with each meal.

Good luck with your new hobby my friend :-)


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