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Hi Francois Boulianne, I've seen different bodybuilders TV,on , online and on magazines. Although all of them are body builders their bodies seem different in shape. Some of them(muscles)look just puffy. and others look extremely ripped where you can see them very curvy. (eg. Dwayne Johnson The rock, kelechi Opara from and Arnold Schwarzenegger in his youth) what determines the shape of muscles that bodybuilder have?
and how can I get extremely curvy muscles?

Hello tariq

The human body have 3 body types; ectomorph, mesomorph and endomorph.
Each body type have their own way to store and spend energy. And this will determine how the body will use proteins to repair hypertrophia (controled muscles micro damage).

Arnold, franco columbu, frank zane are ectomorph. In fact, 80% of bodybuilders are ectomorph (very fast metabolism)

Also, products used, genetic, and way to train are factors who can change the muscles shape.

For your question, the best way to have round and dense muscles, is training with full range of motion.
For exemple: when you do bench presses, do the complete motion, touch your chest with the barbell, and presses the bar as far as you can. Dont be affraid to lift less weight, because the movement is always more important.

Hope this help!


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