QUESTION: Hi sir,  I am from india and i am workingout 6 days a week(7 days if am free on sunday or saturday).

is it true that vegetarian diet contains too less protein than nonveg?

am a vegetarian so can you give me a list of easily available veg protein sources?

does masturbation affect our fitness negatively or positively?

ANSWER: Whilst it is true that a diet comprising of all vegetables and no meat does contain less protein than an all meat and no vegetables diet that does not mean that a vegetarian (or indeed vegan) can become a bodybuilder. Famous vegetarian bodybuilders include Bill Pearl (Mr. Universe 1971) and there is even a vegan bodybuilder called Jim Morris (who is now aged 75 but looks as ripped as he was when he was just a lad).

According to Google, the top five vegetables (ranked by protein) are (all numbers are percentage protein): Green Cauliflower (3), Broccoli (2.8) which when boiled falls to 2.4, Asparagus (2.2), Ordinary Cauliflower (1.9) and cooked onions and raw red cabbage (1.4)

The general consensus of opinion is that masturbating is a perfectly natural and healthy thing to do that does not adversely or improve physical fitness. There are some people who believe that it helps build cardio health and there are other people who believe it builds strength but nothing have been proven in clinical trails.

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QUESTION: Thank you sir for your timely reply!

sir,my next doubt is, how much protein would get expended if i masturbate?

would our wrist become weak if we masturbate?

i have been experiencing weakness in my wrists ever since bodybuilding.

is it due to lack of wrist exercise(rolling the piston in our hands or using dumbbells))?

With regard to the weakness in your wrists it is almost certainly down to not training it enough. Although there are no actual muscles in your wrist, there are still tendons there and as your forearms and biceps increase in size, the tendons in your wrist have to work harder (plus do not forget that you have to rest to allow the muscles to grow). As to how much protein is used when masturbating, I am afraid to say I do not know.


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