Hai ,sir my name is deepak 18 ,frm south india ,so i'am passionate about bobybuilding frm 16 and start going to gym at 16 so,  i have improve a my arms , chest only , but my abs is main problem sir , i want six pack ! And i'am feared about diet may be my arms and chest got weeker ? And nt only stomach fat back of ribs and i'am 63kg physically Fit and only problem with my stomach ? Thank u

Hello deepak

If you want a nice abs set, you need to understand some nutrition principes.

You need to cut on the carbohydrates (sugars), or you have to raise the exercices level.

So keep doing your bodybuilding schedule, because when you gain muscles, your metabolism will be faster, and you will lose more fat. Just add some cardio exercices, and cut on the carbs you eat.

Keep me posted on your progress !



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