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Hi there,

I am a 17stone bodybuilder whom trains 5 days a week at a high intensity. My question is if I miss a few days training (around 3 days in a row) consistently will I lose a considerable amount of muscle mass?

Basically I've missed 3 days in a row the past few weeks and I'm concerned that I'm going to lose muscle mass.

Further information: my diet is still of caloric surplus, and I am also on a steroid cycle of high testosterone.

Thank you!


Hello Kieran

Missing a few days of training will not affect your muscular mass, as long you eat right. In fact, when you didnt train, just stick with the same diet plan. Same amount of proteins, same amount of carbs.

I miss sometimes 2 whole weeks, and i never lost a gram. The key is eating !

Hope this help.

Good training!  


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