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Bodybuilding/Protein shakes for body composition


Thank you for taking time to answer this question.

I am thinking of taking a whey protein shake to change body composition. Cut some fat and gain some muscles.

What kind of whey is better for this kind of situation? Concentrate or Isolate?

Also I have seen some shakes have Amino acids in them and others have vitamins and minerals. Which type is better of my situation?

I am 37 and 84 kgs. Ideal weight is 70. 14 kg overweight. Have fat in the mid section.

Hello Amit

Whey proteins will allow you to repair the hypertrophia you create in the gym. Isolat is always much better because the assimilation is faster and more complete.

Whey = milk proteins. Its one of the best in the world so stick with it. The only better one is egg proteins, but its very expensive. For myself, i take whey isolat for years.

Also, proteins = amino acids. You can just add a mutivitamins pill every morning.

For your overweight, i suggest you to cut on the carbs you eat. At the end, more proteins, less carbs(sugar) with a good bodybuilding program. This will add more muscle to the frame, and more muscle = faster metabolism.

A faster metabolism will allow you to burn more energy when you sleep.
This, combined with a good cardio program will be nice.

So, for you:

The body you want.

Hope this help !


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