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QUESTION: hii sir,
i am 21yr old. n i have been gymimg since 2years.. i gained aprx 10kg muscles in these years.
i want to ask if we masterbate excess then does it affects our lifting ability?coz many tym i have experimented by masterbating 40mins before workout and my lifting ability was normal and it is affectd only when i dont get proper rest before gyming. then why people and many trainers say masterbation reduces power and all such stuff?and also in my country body builders dnt show off their body in public they alwez wear full sleeve shirt or t shrt to hide their muscles?n same i have experienced when i show off my body then i fall ill mostly and my instinct says it can be due to bad vision(jealous vibes) from other it just a misconception or the same is felt/said in your country also? to prevent bad vision's effect indian bodybuilders tie black thread in their left leg or in neck.. plse clear my doubts

ANSWER: There is a great deal of discussion about this and opinion is spilt on the subject. Some people believe that you can never do too much of it and other people believe that you should never do it (so in that regard I'm afraid that I cannot give a definitive answer)

I can however answer the other part of your question, and this is down to something called "media pressure". In India (as in most countries) there is an "ideal" body shape and due to the large number of religious people in India, the ideal Indian body shape is that of someone who is highly religious (such as that is someone who is very old, very frail and yet able to maintain their devotions.

As a result of this, anyone who is too far removed from that is slammed as "not being" from their country. For instance, Suhas Khamkar (who was born in Kolhapur, Maharashtra) had to cover himself up in order to keep his job on the railways (because he was much bigger than the mdiea norm). It is therefore just public misconception (and can be broken by someone making a stand saying "I am a bodybuilder and if the rest of India does not like that, then it is their loss!"

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QUESTION: thnx for clearing my doubts sir,
in this follow up i wanna ask that
1: my weight is 61kgs and i lift max. 68kg in bench press,45in squats, and 55kg aprox in pushpress and clean. and this weight i have been lifting since last year and i have reachd a plateau. my lifting ability is not increasing now it has become constant but i want to improve my strength as much i wat should i do to overcome this plateau?
2:as i live in hostel so food here in cafeteria isnt so nutritious and am an engg student so due regular lectures n assignmnt loads i dnt have tym to rest also sometyms(i sleep for 4hrs max sometyms and in exams my sleeping hours r max 3hrs)so does it affects my strength and performance? and to save time and curb problem of nutrition i brought a mass gainer of Tara nutricare (it has 25%protein ,8700mg BCAA in 2.2lbs , and it has some herbs like tribulus(testestorone booster) n ashwagandha(scientific name i dnt know)) as a student and from middle class family am unable to afford suplments of ON or prolab etc so i opted this indian company whose products r bit cheap and i need calories coz i live. a very active life.. i just wanna ask does cheap supplements can cause harm to my body? i even saw reviews on that product that were quite good.. i just want to break the barriers on my way whether it be diet or anything.. plse suggest me ways..
3:push press or power clean should be done on separate days or should be mixed with legs or shoulder workouts? i need both strength and muscle coz m also a kickboxer in college..
thank u

There are loads of suggestions about how to break through plateaus (in fact too many to summarise in a single answer) so what I would suggest is that you search YouTube for the words "bodybuilding plateau" and then have a look at some of the videos generated. If there is anything mentioned that you don't understand, send me the link to the video and I'll try my best to explain what the person is talking about.

I have read that Indian colleges do work their students very hard (and it is not a concept I entirely approve of personally). Everyone (be they students, bodybuilders or ordinary people) should have no less than eight hours of deep sleep every night (i.e sleep during which you are completely unaware of what is going on). Any less than that (on a regular basis) leads to depression and other conditions. This might seem a strange answer but I would write to the college head teacher and ask them (quite openly) "I have been told that I need at least eight hours sleep a night, at the moment that is simply impossible due to the college's schedule. What would it take for you to change that schedule (a student killing themselves due to the strain or someone else being killed due to the student's tiredness)?" As to nutrition, that's a little outside my knowledge, sadly

Personally speaking I have been a long advocate of what is known as power bodybuilding (which is a combination of powerlifting training and bodybuilding training). The best exponent of this is Brad Castleberry and he has written a lot of online articles on the subject which should be able to answer your question.


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