Hello sir, I have a question regarding to my diet. currently i am trying to bulk. I am on a daily total calories of 3000 a day. however i am trying to switch between fats and carbs on my off and workout days. On workout days i would eat my carbs and keep fats quite minimal. On off days i would eat my fats like salmon and nuts etc. i still go for the 3000 calories but am unsure whether this is the best way to bulk for me. I am on my second bulk but my first bulk went bad as i accumulated too much fat so this time around i am counting calories. I am worried about gaining fat again which is why i am eating this way. I train 3-4 times a week all full body and mostly all compound exercises. Your help would be greatly appreciated. thank you

Like most bodybuilding questions there are two distinct opinions. Myself, I come down on the "common sense" side every time and would therefore suggest that you try and allocate your calories intake in ratios (i.e for every gram of a carb, have a gram of fat and a gram of protein) for whatever you believe works best for yourself. There are a large number of discussions online about what the ratios should be but I believe that the more protein you have from the less fat means that you are able to gain lean muscle. Of course as they always say, it is your body and your muscles so you do whatever you feel suited to.


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