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Bodybuilding/Whey Protein and its effects on body.


Respected Sir,
I am a 20 year old guy with a height of 172 cm and weight of 54Kg. I am planning to take Whey protein to gain weight as my BMI is not good and I am too lean. But I am really worried about the effects of whey protein.

1) Is it safe to take whey protein at this age?
2) Is there any side effects?( whether it will create any hormone imbalance, hair loss, liver and kidney failure etc??)
3) Should I take any other precautions before taking this?

Please help me. I am confused.
Thank you very much for your time and consideration

According to the BMI calculator I have on my computer a height of 172cm and a bodyweight of 54kg equals a BMI of 18.25. This is classed as "Underweight" therefore believe that you should first consult with a medical physician (of which I am not) about to gain (in a safe manner) an extra 5.5kg (which would then put you in the normal range of BMI). Once you have reached that, I would then advise that you seek alternative forms of natural protein before starting to use artificial protein. I am not aware of any side effects or health risks from taking whey protein (or other sources of protein) but as I always advise anyone "Please speak to your doctor before changing your diet in any way"


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