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alexperro wrote at 2014-07-27 11:02:16
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Brad J Loomis


I am a WNBF professional bodybuilder and fitness trainer who is well versed in Exercise Physiology and Kinesiology. I am equally well versed in muscle hypertrophy and fat reduction. I have coached male, female, and teenage competitors all to top 5 finishes, 2 with class wins. Competition prep and posing are other subjects I love to teach. I am very good with nutrition, but will admit that I am not a dietician. I hold a Bachelors Degree in Radiologic Science, a Personal Training Certification with the IDEA Health and Fitness Association and am a certified RKC (Russian Kettlebell Challenge) Instructor. I am most knowledgeable in Anatomy, kinesiology and Exercise Execution, especially Compound and Isolation free weight exercises. I also love to answer questions about motivation.


I have won 3 overall titles with the ABA/INBA and several class wins. In August 2008 I won the Overall title for the INBF Washington State Natural Bodybuilding Championships earning my WNBF Pro Card. I have owned and operated "Healthy Bodies Fitness" in Portola, CA for 6 years. During that time I have taught literally hundreds of clients in nearly every way. You name it and I have used it as an avenue for coaching/teaching. One on one personal training, seminars, 10 week challenges, week long courses, group training, step aerobics, what ever it takes to spread the word of health and fitness and keep my business thriving in a small community. I have also authored a book "Design your own NUTRITION" which is being represented by ST Literary Agency.

Sponsored by AST Sports Science - W.N.B.F (World Natural Bodybuilding Federation) RKC I Certified Instructor( A.R.R.T (American Registry of Radiologic Technologists)IDEA Health and Fitness Association

May 2009 issue of Natural Bodybuilding and Fitness Magazine, January 2009 issue of Mountail Lifestyle Magazine March 2007 Issue of IDEA Fitness Journal (Member Spotlight)AST Sports Science Website (Interviewed by IFBB Pro Jeff Willet)Natural Bodybuilding and Fitness Magazine (,,, Local Paper "Portola Reporter"

My background is in Health Care. I earned my Bachelors in Radiologic Science and have worked in Diagnostic Imaging for 13 years, thus my vast knowledge of anatomy. I also hold my personal training certification with IDEA Health and Fitness Association. The rest of my knowledge comes from frequently reading the journals of The American College of Sports Medicine and American Journal of Clinical Nutrition. There are other journals out there, but those are my favorites.

Awards and Honors
As I mentioned above, I am a 7x Natural Body Building Champion. 2003 Novice Overall Champion ABA/INBA Northern Nevada Natural 2004 Open Medium height division winner ABA/INBA Western USA Natural 2006 Open Overall Champion ABA/INBA Naturals Nationals 2007 Open Short class winner ABA/INBA Mr. Millenium and Mr. Reno 2008 Open Overall Champion ABA/INBA Mr. Millenium 2008 Open Middleweight winner INBF Capital City Naturals 2008 Open Overall Champion INBF Washington State Naturals(Earned WNBF Pro Status)

Past/Present Clients
To many to list, but I am especially proud to have done consulting with Tony Bennett.

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