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Hi I have watched Bon Jovi Behind The Music many, many times and the part that I have always been most frustrated about was when after the release of The Greatest Hits album Cross Road in 1994 Alec John Such had become a liability in concerts because he was making a lot of mistakes on stage playing bass. I also saw on Behind The Music that Alec said in a magazine article that Jon told him that his bass playing sucked but that was not true. I have also seen two other questions here about Alec leaving on all experts one said that he was fired because he was getting high on stage and that was the reason why he left. The other reason that I have also read here was that Jon and the band have not publicly come out and said why he was fired or left to protect him. I read on your page here that you said that he left the band under less then happy circumstances. However I remember about in 2005 or 2006 that Jon and the band came out and said why Alec truly left. I read on your page here that you know that in 1994 Alec left under less than happy circumstances. I guess what I am really trying to ask you is has Alec ever come out publicly and said why he left and have Bon Jovi ever said publicly why he left? I even read on all experts and maybe you were the person that this was asked they said that the band has not come out and said why he left because they need to protect him. I kind of thought that this might be out of what you know but I read that you know that Alec left under less than happy conditions. I would like some help on this. Thank You Aaron Wake

Hi, Aaron-

Its my understanding that Alec became a liability to the band because he had issues with drugs and alcohol.  From my readings and studies, I gleaned that Alec's addictions were causing him to miss practices, play poorly, and be unreliable.  

I do believe that Bon Jovi, the band, out of respect for Alec, has kept fairly quiet about what happened that finally caused them to fire him.  It also seems that Alec was unhappy about the way things ended.  He supposedly sold off a lot of his memorabilia from his time with the band.  I have never read or heard Jon or any other member of the band say anything derogatory about Alec.  

I hope this helps you some.  It is a grey area, but then, they have always been fairly private people.  Especially where their own are concerned.  Take care!

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