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iawlfan wrote at 2016-08-23 04:29:23
I remember that at the time Alec left/was thrown out that I read multiple interviews that said he broke the code of "the circle" (which later became an album title). In short, the story goes that Alec was telling band secrets that could make the band or individual members look bad in the press and damage the band's squeaky-clean image. I took that at face value and have believed it to be true since the break-up. But perhaps that's my naiveté.

AlFan wrote at 2017-03-01 14:57:39
The truth behind why he left is this: it was due to a multitude of reasons - financial (they didn't pay him everything he was due), drugs played a VERY small part in it (I dated him for awhile, and I can tell you, he did not do drugs NEAR what speculation is hinting at).

The reason he sold off his memorabilia was due to financial difficulties because of poor management of money from his accountant and lack of payment from the band. He has always been very private, that is why he doesn't want to discuss any of this. He is a man of solitude and enjoys his privacy.

I wish him all the best for continued happiness and love.

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