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hey there,

I'm Keysha and i'm 18 years. I love my mother so much that i want to take her to Bon Jovi Concert this coming year. She told me if she didn't go see them in concert, this would be her fourth time NOT seeing them. I want to give her the night of her life by surprising her with backstage tickets. so my question to you is how can i contact the band itself (Bon Jovi) for the request of free backstage tickets? as i don't make a lot of money

thank for your time

Hi, Keysha-

Sorry--I'm not affiliated with the band at all.  Just a fan, like your mom.  I don't have any way to hook you up with backstage passes or to get in direct contact with the band members.  Backstage passes aren't generally for sale, by the way.  They are usually obtained by winning them (via a radio station or something) or by knowing someone affiliated with the band or with the venue site.  Sometimes they are given out when you are just in the right place at the right time.  My best advice to you is to listen to your local radio stations to see if they are giving away tickets and b/s passes.  You could also try joining the fan club (maybe a good gift for your mom), as they sometimes offer options to win or earn backstage passes.  Good luck getting backstage!

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