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Tom wrote at 2014-04-02 19:46:08
My wife and I own Lorne Greene's Ponderosa Replica, known as the Ponderosa II, located in Mesa, AZ. The website for the home is  We have a booklet, that describes the house, which can be purchased on the site.  Also, just recently, we began offering for sale house plans for a Ponderosa replica which can also be ordered through the web site.  These are not just floor plans.  It is a complete 9 sheet drawing package prepared by an architect.  These plans come with a Certificate of Approval from Bonanza Ventures, holder of the rights to all things Bonanza.


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I founded a website for Bonanza called Bonanza Brand. We have a high volume forum there with tons of discussion and experts. I know A LOT of the fans that come online personally, the fanfic writers and the Bonanza Gold Staff. You can email privately for more information at:

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