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hi how many square feet was ponderosa altogether including tack room and barn. MY dream is if i ever win lott from powerball or mega million i,ll build the repuica of the ponderosa and how many bedrooms did it have?  what kind of wood was used for house? what was used for inside of wall of house. and would it be ok to build a house liek the ponderosa? is it a house or cabin?

Hi Danessa

I'm sorry, I can't answer most of your questions since the house on the show was not real - it was a film set. There was a replica in Lake Tahoe but it was also used as a set - you could tour it and see the kitchen, livingroom, dining room and Ben's office but the upstairs wasn't real.  I can say it was a house, not a cabin.   A replica of the house was built by Lorne Greene in Arizona.  A man named Tom Swann now owns the house and has hosted some events there.  You can see the information on the house at this site -  You can contact Tom and he can give you the details on the replica and perhaps you could find out about how to get a copy of the plans for the house.

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