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so SICK of same episodes over and over on TV Land...I own the first 6 seasons...but I would LOVE even more to see and own seasons 7-14 before I expire!..I've been a fan since 12 ad now am in my 60's..we are the true fans who grew up with this show...what are they waiting for?...after we die off, who will want to watch the show anyhow?..soon we will be in nursing homes and won't be able to nor will we be able to remember who the "Cartwright" brothers were...Releasing the OFFICIAL SEASONS in 2 vol sets brings in money ($50) x 8 x 500 fans approx...$20,000 isn't chunk change....we have waited over 50 years...please understand that once we all die off, the fan club may have the thrill of meeting the actors behind the pearly gates, but the new generations won't be that interested is my you have any words of wisdom or advice for me?...perhaos I had just better move on to other is disappointing....pamela

Hi Pamela,

Sorry for the delay on my answer - I somehow didn't get your original question but AllExperts let me know.  I know people who are in communication with the person responsible for the dvds.  I understand he is saying that sales are not what they need to be to justify additional seasons. I think the DVD collections have been very high quality with a lot of extras which are probably driving up the cost of production.  I did chuckle when I saw your note on 500 fans - for most major manufacturers 500 units of anything being sold would be considered a failure because just the initial startup cost of creating the dvds - i.e. filming and editing the extras, cleaning up the episodes (the colors are great), creating packaging, production, distribution, etc - probably greatly exceeds $20,000.  Add in that the store selling them needs a  share of the profits - and the production company needs to be profitable.  They are expecting to move many 1000's of units.    

There are new fans coming - it's not just those of us who watched when we were kids. At the last convention I went to there were people in their 20's who'd discovered the show on Family Channel, TBS and all the other stations. Those people can buy the DVD's too.

I can't give you any advice - I'm waiting for the next 8 seasons as well.  If I had my say I would ask them to kill the extras and try and reduce their costs so they can cut the price of the DVDs. In this economy many people can't afford $50 or they don't want to own DVDs but do it as digital downloads.  Or they want to watch them on Netflix and they are not available there.  

So know you are not alone - there are a lot of us waiting.  




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