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I have found the following books in my parents estate.  They all appear old. Can you help identify their value?

1st: Lowell's Poems by James Russell Lowell; Chicago, M. A. Donohue & Co.; 407-429 Dearborn St. no copy right dates, but some wrote in front a xmas gift 12/25/1911; red leather bound, rose on the front, roses on the binding
2nd: My Catholic Companion; copy right 1959 by Good Will Publishers Inc.; Gastonia North Carolina
3rd: I'm Glad I Met You, paperbound with string; Collected by Adah Louise Sutton; The SaalField Publishing Co. Akron, Ohio; copy right 1913

thanks for your help.

Many thanks indeed.  I am currently away on holiday so apologies for the delay.  The books are I am afraid of low commercial value, and if you do a search for them via it will give you an idea of current prices being asked.

Best wishes

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