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Boreanaz, David/David Boreanaz Tattoos


Riina wrote at 2010-01-18 11:13:09
The tattoos are Kanji for "soul" and "fate," so when they hold hands their souls and fates are intertwined.  

libra wrote at 2012-10-28 09:13:19
Actually... according to all the pics that i can find and read is 'soul' and 'fate'    /  `

Boreanaz, David

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Valery Bissonnette


Well, i am a really big Angel fan, and obviously of David Boreanaz too ! I know a lot about him and the show. Althought, i would rather not answer any question on David`s personal life, since it does not concern me...i am a fan of his acting work first, so any question about that...send them my way !


Just a big fan who wants to spread the "love" on this wonderful and talented actor by helping others and answering their questions about the man and his career !!!

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