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John wrote at 2008-11-12 21:18:28

Regarding the banners the color of the NBA logo does have meaning. It denotes if the Championship was clinched at home or away. I can't remember if Green means it was home or not. However, doing some investigation would solve this such as seeing if the 1986 championship was won at home and then checking the coloro of the logo. Nonetheless the color does have meaning. I hope this helps a little.


John Cuadras wrote at 2008-12-05 02:44:21
The reason there are two different NBA logos on the Celtics banners has to do with where the Celtics won the deciding game to win the Championship. If the Celtics won the chip on the road it would be a solid green circle, with white NBA lettering. If they won at home, it would be a white circle, with green lettering. This bewildered me for years, there was no pattern or consistency or symmetry with the two different logos. This came straight from the mouth of the owner of New England Flag and Banner. It was nice to finally get the true reason.

Ned Flynn wrote at 2014-03-30 01:55:17
True, solid circles for away victory of last game of championship and open or white if won at home. So why are some wrong? I spoke to several old timers both at NEF&B and the Garden. Each year they take down all the banners when the circus comes….they still do. One year (I think in the late 60's or in the 70's) A fire broke out in the storage room causing water and smoke damage to the banners. Some worse than others, the most damaged were replaced in haste (an apparently ignorance of the Tradition) all were made as open white. When the new Garden was opened all of the existing banners were copied and the chance to fix the problem was missed when the new larger 10' x 15' banners were hung. I don't think anyone at NEF&B and or the Garden staff at that time realized the tradition. The less fire damaged original cotton banners (8' x 12') now hang at the Waltham practice facility along with the replacement banners ( some correct and others not). We now know of the tradition and in '08 and correctly made that banner. In '09 when we all hoped they would win the final game in LA, we would have made that banner with a solid green ball. I get asked this a lot. I have spoken to quite a few people who worked at NEF&B and the Garden at the time. I am pretty confident that this an accurate account of what happened. I have seen the smoke damaged banners in Waltham. I know for a fact that (before I owned the co) that we simply copied the existing right and wrong banners at the opening of the New Garden. Old blue prints and layouts are not needed to copy existing banners. It's easy to measure and make either a solid ball or two crescents. Unfortunately after Mr. Studley sold the company the new owner did not know of the tradition. Hope this helps

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