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I recently found an old Boston Celtic stock certificate that my mother had bought for me when I was a teenager in 1987. It was for 12 units. Does this still have any value now that the Celtics are no longer on the stock market?


when former Boston Celtics' owner Paul Gaston sold the team to Wycliffe Grousbeck's local investment group Boston Basketball Partners L.L.C. in September 2002 all the individual owners of stock certificates had to resell their shares back to BBP, as per their agreement with the NBA, once the change of ownership of the team became finalized. I donít think you can sell your shares anymore, but you can try contacting "Boston Basketball Partners L.L.C. (151 Merrimac St. Boston, MA 02114-4714, Phone 617-854-8000, Fax 617-367-4286) and ask them directly what you should do.

Just to give you a hint on the possible stock value, before the deal was made public Celtics stocks closed at 10.60 $ each. But Grousbeck, on behalf of Boston Basketball Partners L.L.C., later stated that the 58,000 unit holders would get 27 $ for each stock.
Of course, as a fan, I would keep the stock framed on my wall, but if you decide to sell it you could try to scan the market on Ebay to see if there's any Celtics fan who could buy it as collectible. About $ 35/40 would be a fair price, but you never know, a diehard fan could pay even more.

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