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Boston Celtics/Green rims in the 50s ?


For years, I have insisted I saw a color pic of a Celtics game in the mid 50s in a sports magazine.....and the Boston Garden ( or wherever else they might have played that particular home game )  had GREEN basketball rims.  

Everyone tells me I'm nuts...even sportscasters my age locally ( I'm a Philly guy ) and a couple I contacted in Boston, like Bob Ryan, think I'm joking.

Very recently a friend claims that he indirectly contacted a "Spider" Edwards who worked maintanance at the Garden for many years.  Allegedly, Edwards claims the rims were, in fact, GREEN, before the NBA mandated orange only rims.  Is there any way you can confirm this for I'm wondering if I dreamed this ?  I think Edwards mentioned that the NBA may not have mandated orange rims until around 1960 ?
Remember...this must be BEFORE 1960, probably in the late 50s...

I really appreciate your help.  Only the oldest of oldtimers will know if this is true.  I am 70 so I would have been 12 or so when I ( think ) I saw this pic.  I can't get any of the remaining Celtics from that era to respond to me.

PS :
If it turns out to be true, I will spend the REST of my life trying to find a picture of those green rims.  If it's NOT true, I may commit harikari as this has become a silly obesssion for me.


six years ago (June 2008) you posed the same question, and here you have the copy and paste reply:

"I am sorry but in my personal archives I haven't found any photo supporting your opinion. I asked other Celtics experts too, and didn't find any conclusive evidence of green rims. I am sure that in the late 50's and in the 60's the Boston Garden's rims were painted in orange. About the early 50's all I found were black and white photos with seemingly light rims, which probably were orange too.
The only photo I saw which seemed to somewhat support your opinion is a photo of Chuck Connors (who played in Boston in the late Fourties) wielding a rim which is too dark to be orange".

So, in the late Fifties the rims were painted orange while in the early Fifties photos were all in black and white and that makes extremely difficult to understand the color of the rims.

I am sorry I can't help, but even in my updated 2014 archive, I have no evidence proving that those rims were painted green.


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