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oburrell wrote at 2007-02-20 20:36:52

I'm Clark "Biff" Burrell's second oldest nephew. My uncle was injured while in training with the Celtics. He was not in a contract so he did not become a Celtic.

Bobby C wrote at 2007-12-20 05:08:11
There is a guy named Biff Burrell who was originally in the So. Cal area he attented USC in 1974 was on the basketball team and recieved honor as best defensive player on that squad. He was drafted by the Phx Suns in 1975 in the 6 round 94th overall pick that year. He didn't make the team and was sent down to the S.D. Sails in the ABA. I remember playing pick-up ball with him after is career was over. In O.C. at the Fabulous F.V. Rec. Ctr. The man could shoot the lights out! But he always talked bout playing for the Boston Celtics and would tell everyone under the sun he was a Celtic. But we had an old pro and Graduate from Cal State Fullerton, a gr8 guy named Leon Wood who now is working as a part time NBA Referee. Leon would argue with Biff that if Biff played for the Celts Leon was the "Messiah" I would laugh my rear off. But I never questioned Biff bout it. Talk about a cocky dude. Even so I like'd him cos he was cool.

Big Al wrote at 2009-05-01 08:03:11
I've known Biff Burrell since junior high school, he was a great point guard.  He could shoot the lights out from 15'-20'.  Great handles, great defense.  Should have been in the NBA, but the reality is their are a ton of guys who were good enough to be in the NBA.

Clark "Biff" Burrell wrote at 2011-01-20 20:08:05
I am Clark "Biff" Burrell. I was invited to the Boston Celtics rookie camp by Satch Sanders of the Boston Celtics, approx 1977-1978. At the time Tommie Heinshon was the Head Coach and had me to sign a contract after three try out practices. The practices were held in Marshfield Mass and I still have the original contract that I signed.

Heinshon asked me to go home and get ready for the veterans camp. Once back home in  California I was working out with a team from Europe that was holding tryouts at Long Beach State. Another player ran into me from behind and I suffered torn ligaments and had a full length cast from my foot up to the top of my thigh on my right leg. I was in the Daniel Freeman Hospital which overlooked the Los Angeles Forum. I missed that entire season which was my best opportunity to live out my childhood dream of playing in the NBA.

The next year I made it through the Rookie Camp and went to the Veterans Camp. I played in several pre-season games for the Celtics. My phone in my hotel room rang at midnight one night with the voice of Satch Sanders on the other end, I was the last man cut at the deadline date to turn in the roster.

I was very fortunate to have been in the company of the NBA's finest, Nate Archibald, Billy Knight, Marvin Barnes, Don Havelicheck, Don Chaney, JoJo White, and Curtis Rowe.

During the pre-season John Havelicheck was the player coach and Satch Sanders took over as the head coach during the remainder of the pre-season. Jeff Judgans from Utah was the other rookie with me on that team.

Being among the NBA's best, playing and practicing with the legends is an experience that I will never forget and am extremely grateful for.

Today,  I am the Girls Varsity head coach at Trabuco Hills High in Mission Viejo California and own and operate a company called Gym Ratt, which train boys and girls in the fundamentals of basketball on individual, group, and team levels.

If you would like information about Gym Ratt or about my experience with the Celtics,  or just a peak at my contract, please feel free to contact me at 714-726-7498.



God, Family, Education and Self.

larry wrote at 2014-11-12 16:06:00
I played for LA Quinta high school and for Golden West college. I would play pick up games most everyday and night and Biff was on the court most everyday at the F.V. Rec in Orange County.  What a great time. Another rec legend there at that time was George Turner. Leon Wood would be there every so often. Leon was All American and the starting point guard for the Olympic team under Bobby Knight.Leon played at California State Fullerton and they upset the number one team in the country,  UNLV. All that being said, I was more impressed wit h Biff and especially George.  Biff had a way of pounding the ball when he dribbled.  I tried to copy that. He was older then most the great guys who played there but was definitely one of the best.

Biff Burrell wrote at 2014-11-20 17:27:58
Biff was signed as a fee agent with the Boston Celtics when Tommy Heinsohn was coaching. I believe he played during the pre-season and was the last man cut at deadline time to turn in rosters. Team members were Jeff Judkins from Utah,JoJo White,Nate Archie Bald, Marvin Barnes, Dave Cowens,Don Chaney this was in 1977-1978.

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