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Boston Celtics/Origin of the name "Celtics"


Henry wrote at 2007-11-10 14:41:39
I'm still not convinced and I'll tell you why.

Celtic Football Club (aka the scottish soccer team) were the ones who changed the word from Celtic (Kell Tic) to Celtic (Sell tic). The reason why was that they wanted to represent their Irish heritage, but have something new that could be embraced by everyone in the community.

Other than the Boston Celtics and Glasgow Celtic, the term "Celtic" is pronounced "kell tic".

So the only thing I can say is that even if the founders of the Boston Celtics didn't intend to take the name from Glasgow a roundabout way, they had to.

Ianbhoy67 wrote at 2014-03-15 00:01:11
The pronunciation of the word Celtics with a S sound and not a C comes from the Glasgow Celtic F.C. soccer team,which was mispronounced during an early committee meeting on the forming of Glasgow Celtic in 1888,who were formed by an Irish priest named Brother Walfrid as a charity to help the growing Irish community in the East End of Glasgow.

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