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Brendan Herlihy wrote at 2007-08-06 13:59:59
Pat Herlihy was I think a great uncle of mine. He did indeed play for the Celtics but that team was unrelated to the Boston Celtics. They were based in New York and I believe were owned by Kate Smith. I think the players made about twenty dollars a game.

Scott wrote at 2007-10-10 20:11:38
Indeed, Pat Herlihy (who also happens to be my great uncle) played for the New York Original Celtics (with Davey Banks, Dutch Dennert, Joe Lapchick, etc.). Most of his career was actually spent with John Donlon's Visitation Triangles. I have copies of two obituaries from New York papers when he died in the early 1940s that characterize his abilities as being in the same league as George Mikan. I have a few bad copies of pictures. Perhaps you can refer Chris to me.

redhedkev wrote at 2009-07-09 23:41:57
"Pat" Herlihy was actually Thomas Herlihy, Pat was a nick name. He played for Kate Smith's Celtics. He was from the Beechhurst/Whitestone Queens New York area and was my father's (Thomas J. Herlihy) first cousin. I believe his father's first name was Bill, but I'm not sure. My Dad said they traveled in a Packard automobile. They were not a part of the Boston Celtics. While at my father's wake in 1996 at Gleason's Funeral in Whitestone somebody drew my attention to some framed pictures on the wall in a waiting room. One of which was Kate Smith's Celtics with Kate herself and "Pat" Herlihy with the rest of the team. I hope this helps. "Barn Storming" team is news to me.

Greg B wrote at 2010-06-25 15:17:45
Tom Herlihy was my mother's brother.  He did, indeed play for Kate Smith's Celtics.  I have the picture redhedkev referred to.  It's a Christmas card showing Kate with the team.  My mother told me about the team being in Johnstown, PA during the huge floods there, and Kate calling the family in Whitestone to let them know that Tom was safe.  

Patricia wrote at 2015-10-01 00:38:10
My mother, Catharine (Kay) McCarter (as she was then), was engaged to Tommy Herlihy at the time of his death.  I have pictures of him with the Celtics team, including one with J. Edgar Hoover that Hoover signed! My mother was very close to his family but I only met certain members as a child. Welcome more info!  Patricia P.

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