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stacy wrote at 2008-06-26 19:16:38
Hello!  Thought I would respond to the question.  My grandfather was Otis Miller, he first played for Toronto Maple Leafs, then he played for the St. Louis Browns in 27, and Boston Red Sox in 30-32.  After retiring from baseball he was State Representative until he passed away at an early age of 58.  Never did get to meet him! We have one of his Louisville Sluggers bats, also we know there is a baseball card out there but never did come across it.  We thought we had one but never did come across it in his belongings nor my Grandmothers.  



sconel47 wrote at 2016-06-29 17:01:43
Hi there , I also have a Ottis Miller Louisville Slugger bat. During my research I found out that my bat is a 1932 official major league bat that was designed by Ottis Miller and made for him by Louisville Slugger. It was actually used in major league games by him. Its in wonderful condition and is authentic. I picked it up in a thrift store in Northern California for a mere ten dollars. What puzzles me is how it got there.Anyway I have no idea what its actually worth but would love to find out if anyone has any ideas.Thanks , Scott N.

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