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Boston Terriers/housebreaking boston terrier puppy


btdaddy wrote at 2013-02-06 21:25:55
wow. this was perhaps the most informative answer I've read regarding puppy housebreaking. thank you for this post.

Boston Terriers

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Penny DiLoreto


As a certified veterinary assistant and a dog breeder, with over 16 years of hands on experience, I am qualified to answer questions in the following categories; General pet health issues, dog grooming, puppy socialization, dog breeding, and basic dog training


In accordance with the Veterinary Assistant program requirmements, I completed 200 hours of intern work under the supervision of a licensed Doctor of Veterinarian Medicine, and volunteered the Escondido Humane Society.


I have several articles related to; dog grooming, dog behavior issues, and medical topics, printed on various computer websites and free article content sites. If you would like to preview my articles, links to those sites, and articles, are posted on my website located at

I have a Certificate of Competency from the San Diego Country Regional Occupational Veterinary Assistant Program, and attained Occupational Competencies in the following categories: Animal Handling and Restraint, Vaccines and Injections, Health and safety, Veterinary Laws/Ethics/Industry Data, Biohazard Waste Disposal Laws, Medicating and Grooming Procedures, Medical Math, Breed Identification, and Parasitological studies. I also received an Outstanding Student Award for my accomplishments in these studies from the ROP program.

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I received an, "Outstanding Student Award", from the San Diego ROP Veterinary Assistant program.

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