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Charlie's Momma wrote at 2008-01-22 06:18:44
My Boston Charlie is also quite large for the breed (35/40 pounds).  I too am questioned on the street just about every day if he's "truly" a Boston Terrier.  He in fact is.  It has been verified by many vets who know what's what.  He has perfect coloring and came from a fantastic breeder.  Bostons are getting a little bigger these days.  Many are bred big.  It happens.

It's nice to have a little big larger of a Boston and I'm confronted by many fellow BT lovers that they wish theirs was the same size as Charlie!  Although I know my response is outdated to the date of this actual question... I believe that if people find your dog to be attractive, go ahead and breed it.

KA wrote at 2008-04-26 13:20:53
I too have a male Boston that is 48 lbs and not over weight.  He is also AKC registered but was the largest of the litter and his mother seemed large but we were told she was right at 25 lbs.  He is now 6 and we love his size, perfect for us.  We also get several comments and second looks, people can't believe he is a Boston.

Danielle wrote at 2008-06-10 20:44:19
I have met several people with large Bostons. When I say large, I mean 28 to 40 lbs.  I would not assume this is bad breeding or that it is mixed. It does sometimes happen. If you look around on the internet you will find other cases of people with registered pure bred Bostons that are bigger than the show standards. We thought we had a huge one (30 lbs) but then we found others with bigger ones. Personally I think they are beautiful and prefer the bigger ones.  Too many people are trying to breed them down in size, even calling them teacups (there is no such thing!) and the smaller ones (under 10 lbs full grown) can be prone to more health conditions.

Carla wrote at 2008-07-18 18:25:57
I also have a large Boston Terrier named Buster.  He hasn't been weighed lately, but I figure he is 40+ pounds and not fat at all.  He is not registered, but I have seen both of his parents and they are full blooded Boston Terriers (and neither is anywhere as big as he is).  I figured he just got some of the genetic leftovers from the old Boston Bulls.  We have had him since he was a puppy so we were a little surprised when he got so big since we were told the maximum size on the breed is usually about 25 pounds.

Pat wrote at 2008-10-10 23:55:57
This may or may not be bad breeding, the standard is intended for show dogs and we all know of the great harm caused by the breeding of show dogs as oposed to true working dogs.  Look at the Bulldog for instance it is a total shame that in the last 100 or so  years  the bulldog has become such a bastardisation of it's former self becase people wanted a lazy inactive companion dog because that is what was in style. Really we let fashon dictate when a animal goes extinct.  I don't care what breeder you talk to, if they tell you the have never had, Breathing problems; poor eyesight; skin infections; luxating patellas or hip problems than they are either liars or puppy millers, in eith case these dogs should not be what they have become.  the same goes for the Boston Terrier although to a lesser degree.  Keep in mind most dog breeds were intended for work with the exception of a very few.  Even poodles were once retrievers, you couldn't ever tell that if you meet a pissy poodle person at a dog show.  Hooper's Judge was considered to be the first Boston weighing in at over 30 pounds,  you should be very proud of your Boston he may have a very rare link to the all but extinct TRUE Boston Terrier.

Lovebug0525 wrote at 2009-05-24 15:08:32
My husband and I also have a large Boston (40+ lbs) who is 3 years old and not over weight at all. Walking him any where results lots of looks and questions. We were told by our vet and several other families who have gotten other Boston's from the same breeder that this breeder breeds the on the larger end of the Boston scale. He is registered and not at all a Boston Bull he looks just like a tall lean Boston. We love having him this large and so does our vet. He is hardier and less prone to health problems. I was also told by someone that a Boston Terrier over 25 lbs. is called a Grand Boston.

GREENEYES wrote at 2009-11-11 05:08:27
i to have a large Boston terrier.  he is beautiful.  he is about 20 inches tall and weighs around 40lbs..the vet says everything about him is healthy.  i get compliments daily on how gorgeous he is.....he is well behaved, house trained and does tricks, and listens to commands, i have seen abouat 10 others his size.  all of them are gorgeous dogs...

reggiekoko wrote at 2010-12-04 00:59:43
My Junior is a rescue from BT Rescue of Florida. I got him at 4 months old when some kid got him for a Christmas present and got tired of playing with him. He was then 14 pounds and now at 6 years old he has grown to be 35 pounds. He is tall and rangy and very athletic. In fact, he looks like a young colt when he trots around the yard. He is such a beautiful guy and I love him so very much. So does his 22-pound BT Rescue sister L'il Lucy.

bostons6 wrote at 2011-01-29 03:04:21
I don't know about that bad breeding thing. We have a male Boston at 25 lbs. and have bred him with 2 different females (at 15lbs. each) producing a total of 18 puppies. each female had 2 litters, the first litter from our black/white produced 4 pups, the runt (Bubba now 4yrs old)who we kept, is now a staggering 43.9 lbs and can rest his chin on our counter, the other 3 were normal sized. her 2nd litter of 4 were normal sized. Our red/white also had 2 litters. The first litter was 6 pups, 1 was very large at 8 weeks when he left, the others were normal sized. 2nd litter she had 5 with 1 being a stillborn. We kept 2 from that litter and 1 is now 20lbs at 10 months. He is already taller/longer than dad, the other is catching up real quick to Bubba and is at 25lbs. Our vet also states they are perfectly healthy and are some of the largest Bostons he had ever seen. So I'm not sure how bad breeding could be an answer being that we have raised/bred soo many of them and seen the childrens' children and all appear to be of normal size.  

Moe'smama wrote at 2011-03-14 14:54:52
My husband and I have a fantastic 32 pound Boston Terrier named Moe.  He is tall and all muscle.  His parents were registered, though they were also large for the breed.  Moe is quite the celebrity in our neighborhood.  My husband gets frequent compliments to how Moe's larger build makes him such a cool "man's" dog!

MAXES DAD wrote at 2011-03-23 20:13:51
My wife and I are seeking a Boston terrier to fill a empty spot in our hearts that was left after the passing of MAX our Boston (cancer) he was a larger Boston about 35 to 40 #, we rescued him and was told that he was full blooded. We have looked but canít find large Bostonís can you help, any info is appreciated.

Thanks for your time


Leslie wrote at 2011-05-26 12:02:46
I thought my Bostons were freakishly large - at 32 and 36 pounds - but sounds like lots of folks have big Bostons.  I love them - was surprised how large they grew - the mom was about 12 pounds.  Porgy and Bess are litter mates.  They are wonderful dogs.

Vancouverboston wrote at 2011-05-28 02:25:45
It was so great to come across this comment string. Our Boston 'Yoda' gets all kinds of attention for his size...he's 1.5 years old and slightly more than 42 lbs. The breeder assured us that he is pure Boston and dwarfed the rest of the litter in size, but given the responses from dog owners on the street we were starting to question it. He looks exactly like a Boston, behaves like a Boston and yet we've never met another one that comes close to his stature. Your comments make us think that maybe we are just the proud owners of a throwback. Really we don't care where he comes from and never had any intention to breed him, but I must say that the Boston envy gives us a wee bit of pride.

KKH wrote at 2011-07-11 23:41:59
I too have a large boston! 6 pups in the litter 4 were 6oz 1 was 4oz and my pup was 9oz..He is just a  big  boy!! His name..Porkie :) and he is a pure boston terrier all 39 lbs of him!!

Dom Diddy Dom wrote at 2011-12-29 01:01:50
I adopted a purebred Boston from Mid America Boston Terrier Rescue. My dog is perfectly built at 32 lbs, also perfectly healthy at 15 yrs of age. I agree with the previous comments that the larger Boston's seem healthier and heartier than the perfect little box built Boston's you see at the dog shows.  

motownbostonlvr wrote at 2012-02-09 18:41:10
I have three Boston's Bella 15.2 pounds, Zoey 19 pounds , and Cedric my Boy who is large at 33 Pounds. All are adorable and healthy and not fat. Many people make comments that Cedric can't be a true Boston at 33 pounds. I can prove otherwise.  

Tom Flaherty wrote at 2012-05-19 03:41:55
For large  BT . I have  a  2 yr ol Mike. He stands 24" and is 46 lbs.  Not an ounce of  fat. He has ear's are the  size of a German Shepherd. I  got Mike  from BT rescue in  Tampa. His owner an Army  Cpt  was going for his  3rd  tour of  Afghanistan. Mike is without  doubt  one of the  Best dog's I ever had.  He's  my 1st  Boston.  I'm a  retired  Boston  K-9  Cop. Have  also owned 7  Basenji's. I still have  a female  Lucy. She  to  has taken  very much to Mike. I know  dogs  this is not  a  Boston  Bull.

Tom wrote at 2015-11-01 23:41:42
I too have a large Boston. Mike AKA Mike the Monster. Monster as to his size only. Mike is 44 lbs tall and lean. I have had dogs most of my life As a police officer I was a member of The K-9 Unit. Most  of my Dogs have been Basenji's. Mike came to us about 6 months after the death of  out male Basenji. I have to say Mike is one of a kind. To date,after 4 yrs he has never had an accident in the house, never touched anything that was not his. Plays with all animals like they were life long friends. Being a Boston of course  every person is his best friend.

He's 100%  Boston papers and all. But I have to say he is one of a kind and that is ALL good.

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