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I have a 100 proof, barreled 1958 and bottled 1968, Very Xtra Old Fitzgerald bourbon. The seals have not been broken and the fill line is a quarter inch down from the shoulder. The bottle comes in a green locked (have key) velvet lined box with two shot glasses. This bottle has never been displayed.

I'm lookig for a figure because I have an offer to sell.
I also have pictures if that would help.

Thanks for your help.

Hi Kimberley:

As my profile suggests I don't price whiskeys because it is generally impossible especially when that whiskey in question is no longer made.

The rule is: If the seal is unbroken, the contents are as good as the day it was bottled, and the value is that which is presently on the shelf today for that some brand.

All that said...I would price it at 95.00.


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Whiskey, or Whisky only please. Any questions regarding the distilling and consuming of Whiskey: rye, bourbon, or scotch. Wines and Brandy are out of my area. I can not value old bottles of whiskey. But generally, if you can find something similar on sale today, and your bottle seal is unbroken, that would be the current value.


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