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Whiskey/Bourbon/Beams choice Collectos Edition charcoal filtered Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey


I have a beautiful black bottle of whiskey still in original box, with Gainsborgh's Blue Boy on the front. The bottle is unopened and I've had it around 48 years.

What do you think it is worth today...was is a good quality whiskey?? It says 8 yr old, 90 proof, Clermont, Beam, Kentucky.

Many thanks for your expertise.


Hi Maureen:

As my profile suggests, my "expertise" does not cover antique evaluations or appraisals. There are those out there that specialize in such things and how much they go at auction.

From purely a distillate point of view, the liquor is worth at least what it is on the shelf today if it were still available.

That eight year old Beam would be akin to Knob Creek except for the charcoal filtering which makes it more a "Tennessee Whiskey" rather than straight bourbon.

So that filtering puts it in the "Jack Daniels" area and I would price that at what Jack Daniels Single barrel is bringing, just because it's a collectible...maybe 40-50.00 to someone who wants the bottle more that the contents.




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