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Whiskey/Bourbon/Exactly why is Crown Royal a blended whiskey?


According to all the research I've done over the last couple of weeks, a blended whiskey is a blend of whiskeys from different distilleries. If that is the case, then why is Crown Royal a blended whiskey when there is only one distillery in production?

Hi Anna:

"Distilleries" or better yet "Bottlers" purchase their whiskey form suppliers other than themselves.

First of, Crown Royal is basically a blended rye. Most of the North American (Canadian) whiskeys are traditionally rye.

Rye is a blend of usually three grains, Rye, more than 50%, Corn, and Barley. Of course the exact formula or grain content lives in the safe in an office of the "distiller".

There is an argument afoot regarding the disclosure of whether or not a distiller is responsible for the "deed". In America there is a rule about that.

However, blended whiskeys tend to come from outside the company of origin and Crown Royal boasts some blends that come from fifty different whiskeys.

Chevas Regal, a noted blended scotch comes from the purchase and blending of purchased whiskeys from some of the top Single Malt scotches.

Producers are in the business of selling you product. I just saw an add for Chevas that boasted a blend with 85 tasting notes...if that isn't silly I don't know what is. However, people buy into that and it sells scotch.

So, Crown Royal is indeed the end result of those who put together a certain potion if you will of anywhere from 2 to many more than that, whiskeys from who know where. The trick is to get it to be consistent.

I hope that helped!


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