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I have a bottle of Makers Mark gold wax that was given to my dad several years ago, mid 1970s, how can I determine it's age, is it worth much other than sentimental value, will it go bad in it's original box and bottle (unopened)and should I save it any longer or drink it?

Hi Bob:

The general rule for bourbon is that it has to be in the barrel for at least two years. Maker's Mark, around six years.

It's the time in the barrel, not the bottle, that determines the age.

The worth for this is as much as it would be on the shelf today. The Gold Was was a sales tool. The contents are the same as the Red Wax except it's around 101 proof...a bit higher.

It was discontinued in 1999, a bit earlier in the United States.

If you had a gun to my head and made me put a price on it...I would say about the same as the "cask strength" is today.

As for as drinkable, if the seal is not broken, it is as good as the day it was bottled. So break that gold seal and enjoy your "wheated" Maker's Mark!


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