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Dali*Broach wrote at 2015-03-20 11:31:29
Supposedly while Bowie and Iggy were in France recording the Idiot and Low, Iggy became lovers with an Asian woman.  Iggy wrote his lyrics in part inspired by this affair.  The song really seems to be about imperialism, power, megalomania, and a female figure helping the protagonist come down from his delusions of grandeur.

Bowie, David

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I`ve been a huge Bowie fan for some time now. I`ve read up on his life and I`m well versed in his music. I love Bowie sites on the web, so if I don`t know the answer I could refer you to someone who does.


I've listened to Bowie for a few years now, have collected all of his albums tirelessly, read up on his life quite a bit and followed his career over the last few years.

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