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Bowling/Pete Weber's thumb glove.


Better advice than this jack wagon wrote at 2011-10-12 17:48:26

For the past 3 years I've been experiencing pain in my first knuckle of my thumb while bowling.  The cause is swelling due to a tight fit in humid conditions and skin irritation.  Comparably, my right thumb is now 1.5 times the size of my left thumb.  I've had my ball redrilled 3 times by 3 different "certified professional" ball fitters but with no luck.  I've been looking for products out there that I can use and for some reason had duct tape with me when I was cleaning my bowling ball before league play.  I put some tape around my thumb and lifted my ball with minimal pain.  I bowl in one league so I am no where near the level of PW and I had the thought of cutting up a golf glove for a thumb cushion too.  Now that I know PW does it and it works, I'll be doing this right away.  

Try to listen to the root of the problem before you smart off about someones elses problems!  I too used to think I was the only one with thumb sensitivity issues especially when nobody had a solution for me.

I say go for the PW glove idea or use fitting tape like a football player does to his fingers.

fargoworld1 wrote at 2013-04-21 15:20:12
You still didn't answer the question! Is it available?


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