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Bowling/Leverage vs. Axis


Rozell Moore wrote at 2013-07-03 02:32:50
Leverage Weight: is uses on drier lanes, the ball carries longer, hits later, the weight helps the ball hold the line better on dry lanes.

Axis Weight: Axis weight causes the ball to roll with a consistent breaking pattern with very little deviation.

Top Weight: Carries the ball farther down the lane before it flip. Top Weight creates more skid and flip on the backend of the lane.  Top weight is not as important today because the reactive ball are designed to traver further and hit later.

Positive Weight:  Positive creates more skid early and more side roll on the ball ferther down the lane, it is useful for bowler who have a weak hand at hooking the ball, it assist bowlers who need the ball to roll more than what their mechanics allow.

Negative Weight:  Negaive weight causes the ball to roll in the head section of the lane and and even arching roll

Finger Weight: Finger Weight cause the ball to hook later

Thumb Weight:  Causes the ball to ro roll early


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