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I started bowling at about 11 years old.  I have always thrown a normal finger ball, never a finger tip ball.  I am now an adult, 38 years old, very athletic, 6 ft 2, 250 lbs.  I currently throw a hammer sling blade 14lb ball.  I hook the ball very little.  I am getting back into bowling and want to buy a ball that better suits my game.  I would like some suggestions.  I bowl at a very small, little town alley and the occasional tourneys.  I know I need a 16lb ball, because my current ball deflects way too much, and I know I need to slow my ball speed down to allow the ball to react, the heavier ball should help that, because right now it is hard to throw the lighter ball slower.  I get the best results at about 16-17mph that I can tell.  It definetely does no good to throw it 20-21mph...because ball just deflects.  Cannot over power those pins!  I would appreciate any advice.

You're on the right track but don't discount ball speed as a very helpful asset. Your lighter ball is too easy for you to overwhelm. Getting a heavier ball will improve the synergy of your swing, you'll slow down some, but more surface, a good fit and strong layout will help you roll the ball at a comfortable speed for you without throwing it too hard.

When you roll the ball faster it's crucial to learn how and where in your swing to impart turn to the ball. You would benefit from the ball change but I;d suggest you find a good coach and see if improved skills will help you achieve your goals, too.

The strongest surfaces in the game at the moment include the: Storm Virtual Gravity Nano and the same cover on the Storm Vivid, the (Brunswick# DV8 HellRaiser Revenge, the Columbia 300 World Beater, the Ebonite Challenge, and the Brunswick Nexxus Red/black. I'm sure I'm missing some but you get the idea.

Have the driller watch you bowl so they can get an idea of what your doing at the point of release so the layout can compliment your game. Drilling the ball utilizing the Positive Axis point #PAP) of a player is important when drilling a high tech ball.  

Thanks for the question. Bowl well. Let me know what you get and other recommendations from your driller. When things improve, a donation would be appreciated.  


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