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Bowling/Hitting Head Pin on First Ball


I am a 63 year old female bowling for 30 years, I throw a conventional grip ball do to a finger injury. I have been coming up high on the head pin and leaving a lot of splits. I stand center and use the second arrow, I have tried moving and the ball still comes up high on the head pin. Any suggestions????


Hey how you doing there Linda now the first thing im going to tell you is going from fingertip grip to conventional grip is going to take some time to get use too due to the fact that you will not be able to create as much lift as you once would have been able to. Now regards to you hitting the head pin first thing i say move one to two boards to the right and play on the outside part of the lane meaning you will have to put more speed behind the ball. That is my overall thought in this is that the ball is catching the dry patch on you lane and turning a tad bit early so my overall advice is move two boards to the right, play the 1 an 2 board area which is by the gutter and throw with a little more speed . Now if you want to stay on your current line play with your speed a little and see what works.   Also what ball do you use and what is the weight on it ?


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