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I'm currently using a Storm T Road 15 lb right handed. This ball is about 5 years old and I bowl league once a week with and average of 175. I get my share of 10,7,7-8 and 9-10 pins I don't usually get a lot of spilts. I'm standing center dot and 4-5 step approach. My target is between the first and second arrow. I try and keep my speed down under 13.5 that seems to give me my best results. I'm 5'10" and 225 lbs. I would like to try and find another ball with more hook and that would handle my speed around 14 plus. Also I have been thinking of moving more left and trying to move my target more towards center. Any ideal's? And if so why?

Without knowing more details of your axis tilt and axis rotation a ball recommendation would only be a guess. I'd prefer not to guess and have you spend your hard earned money on a shot in the dark. Send a video and describe the environment (lane type, lane condition, etc.) and I can get a better feel for what you do. Couple quick questions: 4 step OR 5? Both? In a game where speed is usually an asset, why are you needing to keep you speed slow? How is you ball drilled? Is your spare game good? It would seem that a one ball bowler might struggle a little on spares?

That being said, getting something stronger is easy. In the Storm line the IQ, Virtual Gravity Nano, and Vivid are all stronger covers than your T-Road and should allow you to manage more oil. Each ball company has a big dog or two, check with your driller and they can share what they think might work. I'd be glad to provide some input. Providing a list of strong balls would give you a fairly large list to wade through. Sometimes shop operators buy specific product and push it to customers, so once you have a few recommendations, I can give you my take.

Thanks for the question. I look forward to hearing back.  


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