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Hi, I just started competitively bowling with my school and the one girl on my team gave me one of her old balls which is a Hammer ball and it's called the sauce. I have had it redrilled to fit my fingers and have had issues with my ring finger and thumb being torn up. The ball is a 14 lb ball and is also a finger tip ball. My thumb has been getting torn up on the inside below my knuckle and my ring finger has been torn up on the end that goes up against the finger grip on the palm side of my hand. Our season started in the beginning of December and I started out having torn up skin on my knuckle of my thumb, but that has gone away because I have solve that problem. (I had a lot of tape in the hole because my coach had the guy who drilled it do it big on purpose because of swelling and the tape was too small and located badly so we put in bigger tape that doesn't rub against it and I wear tape on my thumb also). At practice today my throws were registering between about 15 and 16.5 mph for the most part. After i bowled a strike the one parent was surprised after looking at how fast I was throwing it because I am a tiny girl(just over 5 ft 3 and about 120lbs). My coach kept telling me to slow my ball down in order to have it hook more but I just can't. The slowest I can bowl it is 12 mph and I lose all control then because I focus too much on bowling slowly. Is there anything I should do to my ball or how I bowl it to keep from tearing up my fingers? On the ring finger my coach suggested wearing it down with acetone because he said it will melt away any sharpness on the finger grip. Any tips?

The span to the finger may be to long or pitched awkwardly as to cause pressure and friction. Ask the driller if they can either reduce the span slightly or change the angle of the drilled hole to relieve the pressure you are feeling and that is causing the abrasion. They should either make alternative suggestions, that you can consider or adjust it for free.

Ball speed is generated by your footwork. Try to keep it. Ball speed is one of the best assets to have in the modern game. Inform the driller that you are throwing pretty fast and ask what they recommend to adjust the surface of the Sauce, to make it rougher allowing the ball to slow down a little sooner.

The acetone trick is a good one but I'm concerned the angle is the problem or the span length. Acetone will soften and melt the grip, making it VERY tacky. BE CAREFUL if you do this.

Thanks for the questions, good luck with the rest of your season. Let me know what you do?  


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