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QUESTION: Hello I am a young (20 years old) bowler I bowl left handed while using a glove and a brunswick thumb saver I use a DV8 Misfit with fingertip grips after I bowl three games it seems like my middle and ring fingers has calluses and my thumb usually swells up and is in pain, any insight into why this happens?

Pain typically suggests an ill fitting ball. Sounds like the pitch on the fingers is too dramatic for your flexibility. Was the ball drilled by a pro shop? Does the driller have experience? Is the thumbsaver a new addition to your game? What kind of glove do you use?

Is the ball a new drill or has this been happening for a while? Let me know. Thanks for the question.

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QUESTION: It started when I first got the ball and had it drilled the driller has experience but sometimes I wonder if he knows what he's doing the glove is Brunswick and the thumb saver actually helps a little

Finger pain sounds like a pitch problem as I suggested. Without being able to see your hand, see the fit or see you roll a ball, I can only guess. With more info, let's see what we can find out.

How long have you had the ball? Do you have a copy of the ball fit? Can you send it to me? What kind of grips (pitched or no pitch) do you have in the Misfit? When you say calluses, do you mean redness, tenderness or is a particular part of the fingers rough and hard? If so, where exactly (pictures or a drawing would help) are the calluses? Have there been blisters? Why do you use a glove and thumbsaver? What was your motivation? Sometimes fixes after the fact mask a problem with the original fit. What does the glove do for you? Was the ball fit for you with the glove on (a crucial part of fitting a bowler that uses a wrist device)? With the thumbsaver on?

If you could characterize your ball fit does it feel comfortable in your hand and does it hang without grip pressure when left hanging at your side? Does it feel a little short and you feel it will drop off when hung at your side? Will it fall off if hand is relaxed? Does it feel a little long and feels like there is some strain in the hand? If hung at your side will it fall off if hand is relaxed?

Thanks for following up. Lets see where more info leads us.


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