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Warren, we have just finished the 17th week which is midway for our league. The house has advised my team that we have to pay $50. for sponsor fees. We don't have a sponsor, we're just 5 guy's that the house put together to make another team. I've never heard of this. Why is it that we are liable for paying this fee? Also, if it is to be paid. We ended in fouth place for the first half and have monies coming to us from about I figure some $4000. that is in escrow of league monies. Why can't the house just take the $50. if it's to be, out of our money coming to us? I really would appreciate your input...and I thank you in advance.


The "sponsor fee" is a traditional amount paid by teams to hold their spot for the next year. The fee became something teams used sponsor money for, but many teams like yourselves just pony up $10 per man (for a $50 sponsor fee) and pay the fee to hold their spot.

Will your team be returning? I'm sure if you asked, the league officer's can defer the fee and remove it from prize money at the end of the season, for this year, and again for next year if you plan to return to the league. Thanks for the question.  


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