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Hello, I started bowling about a year ago, and bought a barely used Brunswick python. The ball hooks a little early and then flares. Since I play 2nd arrow, pretty straight, it usually makes it to the pocket. However, some of the house pros said that it loses a lot of energy before reaching the pocket. Should I keep the ball and use it for broken down oil in tournaments and get another ball or try to change the layout? Could the reaction be a result of my delivery?  I am a high track player.
I was looking into getting a used black widow pearl that is in pretty good shape. However, the driller at my local bowling alley said that the widow holds lots of oil and even though I am lefty and the former user is righty, the ball wouldn’t react well and that I should stay away from it. Would you recommend not getting it, but investing in something to complement my python? If not the black widow, do you have any suggestions?
Thank you very much for your help as bowling can be pretty confusing.

Without knowing a lot more about you and your game, I can't provide much usable information.

What I know is you are a year in and left handed with a high track. What do you understand high track to be?  

What do you mean by your ball "flares?"

I'd suggest that before you load up on bowling balls, get some lessons. This is a sport played on an ever changing lanes. Until you have some consistent, predictable skills, you're depending on VERY EASY lane conditions (unless you bowl on sport conditions) to help your bowling ball get to the head pin.

Lessons will help you identify what strengths you have and weaknesses that you need to work on.

Get a spare ball, practice with it. When you can hit what you're shooting at with a very basic ball, then and only then, performance equipment can be helpful. Jumping into a performance ball has given you a false sense of success. A little bit of help on an easy lane condition creates some cool effects. Unfortunately, without the understanding of why and how a ball does cool stuff, you can't build skills, you are trying to control what your ball is doing. The Python is doing or not doing stuff and you have no idea how to alter what it's doing. If you become solely dependent on equipment, a more skilled player will always have more options than you.

If you'd like more info please provide your Positive Axis Point, rev rate, ball speed, axis tilt and axis rotation. Also what kind of lanes you bowl on and how they are oiled. Your average would be nice and your goals for bowling. Thanks for the questions. Good luck.  


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