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Bowling/bouncing the ball at foul line


QUESTION: Hi,  I have trouble with bouncing the ball at the foul line when I deliver it.  How do I go about fixing this?


ANSWER: Becky,
Could be several things, usually bouncing the ball is a fit issue, where you hang onto the ball long after it wants to let go of you.

Is your ball fit for you? Have you been bowling long? Do you slide much? Get much kneebend at the foul line?

Thanks for the questions. Please provide more info and I can give you more specific suggestions.

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: Yes the ball fits me, I have been bowling for over 40 yrs and I slide a little but not too much.  I do have trouble with raring up at the foul line so in my approach I bend my knees to maybe stay lower so I don't rare up.  Could staying too low cause it.  Thanks again for any info.

People change. How long have you been using the current ball?

Because you don't slide much, when you are coming to a stop and momentum would continue your movement forward (falling over the foul line), instead you rare up. Try giving yourself more room, by lengthening your approach. See if that doesn't help the popping up at the line issue.

You may be popping up and letting go at the same time causing the ball to go up and out instead of down and out. Let me know.

Thanks for the question.


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