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I'm looking to purchase a drillpress to drill my own equipment. NO I'M NOT GOING INTO BUSINESS OUT OF MY GARAGE.  I'm an avid DYIer and want to drill my own stuff for the sheer pleasure of doing it myself.

I'm looking at the Jayhawk Mini Jig W/Jet Press or the Innovative Bench Drill Press with New Standard Jig.

I'm wondering if you have any opinions about either of these 2 products.

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No experience with either, sorry.

In my experience people don't spend lots of money to just fiddle around. Get a part time job at a shop and you'll actually learn something.

I've attached a few images of guys that fiddle. It's embarrassing for the sport. The first one is a guy trying to DIY with no clue. The second is a ball that the driller drilled with such bad weights (from a ball wholesaler/website that has no integrity whatsoever), the starting top weight was mismarked, center of gravity was mismarked, and dramatically excessive (the ball was basically unsellable in a store), but the driller had no way to actually have any idea if the ball is even close to legal. Both balls were brought into shops to be fixed because the buddy/DIYer/garage hack passed off his work as usable.

If you think drilling a ball is easy, you are sadly mistaken. You want to learn to drill, get an education. It will cost a chunk of cash, but you'll actually have someplace to start from. IBPSIA and several industry suppliers have classes, that feature hands on learning.

Thanks for the question.  


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