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QUESTION: Looking to start up a arsenal of 2 bowling balls for THS synthetic lanes condition.  Presently using 14lb Hammer Onyx Vibe.  What would be a good set of balls--one shiny surface/one dull surface--to pair up?  Info--62yr old male bowler, 187avg with some hooking action in Friday nite league, normally playing down-and-in line using 10 board as main target.

Thanks for your help!

Can you describe the reaction you get with the Vibe? Do you need more? Less? Both? Does the lane get dry for you quickly? Would you need less ball more often?

Let me know and I can suggest some options. Thanks for the question. Have a Merry Christmas.

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: Thanks for the follow-up opportunity. I'm right-handed.  The Onyx over the past 2 yrs has given me moderate hooking action in the 1st game and gets a little stronger by 3rd game. Not a lot of revs, so I'm only moving 6 boards to my left to still hit strike target between 10 - 5 boards (I walk at an angle towards the target).  I'd like to get more revs and move deeper inside with the dull ball surface to target between 15 - 10 boards and let the ball flip more at the breakpoint (7 board @ 45 ft) for strikes.  With a shiny ball surface I would likely stay lined up between the 10 - 5 boards for strike target in 3rd game.

On a related note, would there be any advantage to shifting from 14 lbs ball to 13 lbs?  Would that provide for more ball reaction?

Thanks for your response!

Creating more revs is about ball fit and maybe some coaching. A higher reving ball could help but often the lane gets changed by them so quickly, especially for slower players that they quickly become as much a problem as they were a benefit. All in all, I encourage you to find a coach. Go to your local center manager and see if they know of a good certified coach that can help you.

By walking toward your target you step in front of your swing, that will not help get more on the ball because you are in a bad position and lose significant leverage.

The layout of your bowling equipment is important. I'd rather see you in more modest equipment that will get down the lane easier and put a stronger layout in them than spending a lot on balls that will quickly be too much because of lane breakdown and your ball speed. On that note, I'd suggest you try an Ebonite Cyclone for your shiny ball, with a significant asymmetric core, to give you more backend action and a solid Columbia Freeze, which comes shiny but you can tune the surface, dull it or sand it rougher as needed.

Lastly, The weight block in a 14 pounder is significantly more dynamic than a smaller lighter block in the same kind of ball in 13 pounds. By all means also get your grip rechecked. Changes in your body maybe causing you to work too hard with a fit that's from years ago.  


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