QUESTION: I was looking at buying a Brunswick Melee and having it drilled with dual angle layout of 70x5x40 but driller said numbers don't look right something about pin placement. That the last number should be be between 65-75? Can you help or explain? thank you

Not sure why a driller might not want to drill a Melee for you with these numbers. For them to make sense to me I'd need to know a lot more about how you roll your equipment. The Melee is not a strong violent ball. The numbers would encourage the ball to skid pretty long and turn up pretty strong. But without knowing more specifics, I could not comment.

Probably your driller is going to be very close to the pin or take the pin out with the holes. Some don't like to do it. But if you ask, it shouldn't be a problem, manufacturers encourage the pin be drilled out rather than part of the pin remain.

The Dual Angle system allows for a driller to determine what kind of reaction they're encouraging from the ball. Without going into the whole system, the bigger the number the longer the ball will likely skid down the lane, the smaller the number the earlier the ball will want to roll. The ratio of the numbers creates the expected path. The ratios are what you pay the driller to determine/know, for a particular ball to benefit you.

What are some of the other layouts you use? How did you decide on this? What's your Positive Axis Point? What do you average?

Let me know more. Thanks for the question.

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QUESTION: I just chose the Melee because of all the reviews I have read when the pros were recently in Vegas. So this got me to think and look up dual angles. I have never had a dual angle ball. So under some reviews I seen a bowler had the same PAP as me..4 over 3/4 up..and he had some good success using the Melee with this layout as well with other ballsp. I understand we are not the same people in all facets of the game but figured I might try this.So in my area no one knows how to drill the dual angle layout so went internet hunting in possibly buying the ball and have them drill it also.

Bad idea to have an internet company drill a ball. The tools I use are synced to the fitting tools. If the precision is off on tools used in laying out the ball or drilling it, your not getting a ball that fits.

The Melee was used by the Brunswick staff guys on the hookingest pattern (Cheetah) that they bowl on. How does that compute to what you bowl on? Don't get me wrong I like the Melee, but it is a mild reacting ball. I have a stronger rev rate and slower speed so when I threw one it rolled nicely for me on a house shot. But the layout was not what I'd typically drill for my self. So the reaction I was getting was in part from a layout I don't normally drill for myself. Using a strong layout helps make a weak ball strong, and a weak layout (which I use a lot) makes a strong(er) ball weaker. Have your driller contact me ( and for a couple bucks I'll show him how to do it.

Where are you? I find it hard to believe that someone who drills balls is so out of the loop. Thanks again.

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QUESTION: I don't really have a driller, I have used couple different ones and what I got I was not convinced. How about you drill me a Melee with your recommended layout to use on Brunswick Proavalin Synthetic lanes  and they usually use a 40' shot medium to heavy oil but I do not know the pattern if any. This is not a too sophisticated center. What I am trying to do is get ready for the upcoming Nationals where I can go out with at least some decent equipment so this is a start. Once I find a driller then I at least have a place I can rely on in the future.

Depending on your game, I'd be hard pressed to recommend a medium performance ball for USBC Nationals. Oil volumes are higher than normal league play and there's oil across all the boards (NO FREE HOOK ON THE DRY BOARDS outside second arrow like league play!). If you are that unhappy with local guys, I can try to gather enough info to help.

Do you have a video camera? I would like to see you bowl and get an idea what your ball rolls like? Do you have equipment that fits well?  I suppose we can start from there.  


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