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Bowling/Ball pin/top end? need help


QUESTION: I am looking to buy a Storm Sync and a Raptor Talon, i Curently have a raptor P7, Hammer Raw Anger, and  dark Grey Zone With a red dot. All 3 balls currently do almost the same thing just one hooks a Tad more then the other, I bowl on Wood lanes Very old wood lanes, In ohio East Sparta Rec, and to me  anything i try to do just seems like the balls takes a bit too long before it hooks, if it would start to hook maybe a few feet sooner it would be perfect, i dont have a lot of revs probably 200 i would guess, I am right handed and i play the 2nd arrow, straight and let the ball hook into the pocket, i can also Slow the ball WAY down and play to the left and roll over the 16th board and let it go to about the 7th or 6th board and come back but i really have to slow the ball down, i am looking to get ones of these balls to react like they do do when i throw slow on the left side but with the same speed i use on the right side, basically i want the ball to grip the lane like i had 500 revs on the ball. i dont know what top end and pin i need for this thx.

ANSWER: Vernon,
Old wood lanes should hook a fair amount. How do the rest of your league mates fare on the lanes/conditions?

You might be able to have the surface on the ball that goes a little too long, freshened up and made just a little rougher. If that gives you the reaction you desire, both the SYNC and Talon would be quite a bit stronger. It's possible your equipment is burning up and rolling weak. I'm fearful that your fit and/or layout are not helping you much.

Going from very straight to hooking the lane won't happen without some bowling lessons. You'd need to get more on the ball, improve leverage and learn to create a larger launch angle. There are NO magic bowling balls, just balls that match up well to a players skills, the lane and lane condition played on.

Rolling the ball at a comfortable speed, as to allow you to repeat shots easily, is best. Have the driller watch you throw at your most comfortable speed and have them layout the ball to take advantage of the desired path and speed that you prefer. Stronger balls and layouts will help but the most expensive ball won't add 300 to your rev rate! But some lessons might.

Thanks for the questions. Good luck with your game.

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: The league varies, Most are around the 190 avg and some are 170 180 and like 1-2 are a tad over 200, the ones who are 190 have 215 225 avg's in other leagues on synthetic, The lanes Hook alot for alot of players but most them either throw with a LOT more revs or are a LOT less speed then i throw, im not trying to throw hard just my natural swing speed with a 15-16 lbs ball is just alot faster then most, and when i slow my swing down alot i can throw across ally but i dont like slowing my swing down, i can also throw 2 hands or 1 hand with out thumb or  2 hands left handed, when i do that it gets a lot of revs just im not consistant enuff for league  play to do that i only avg about 150 atm with 2 hands, i used to avg about 220 with out my thumb but last few years i been playing with my thumb inthe ball just i cant seem to get the revs with my thumb that i have with out my thumb for the ball to hook hard, everything i throw seems like a gradul hook smooth arc insted of a smooth arc and then take off hook at end,  what does more leverage and get more on the ball mean?

When I asked about how the rest fare, I was looking for how they play, not their averages. Revs actually allow a ball to get down the lane, even on drier wood lanes, because of the rotation the ball slips on even minimal amounts of oil easier, if axis rotation isn't trying to get the ball into a roll immediately.

So, the higher average guys (on synthetic) struggle a little with the lanes? Do they play in and swing the ball, or are they trying to go straighter? The beat up heads on a wood lane bleed energy out of the ball, especially the strong covers like the SYNC and Raptor Talon, allowing you to hit the pocket, just not score well (strike easily).

Sounds like you've tried a lot of things. Would I be correct in assuming your still working on the current skills and maybe not rolling the ball as consistently as you'd like? Your experience with all the different styles have me a little confused. You've gone from a lot of hook (two fingers and two handed, usually scoring pace is extremely volatile) to current style much straighter, to score better? certainly score more consistently?

My suggestions involve being in a stronger position as you deliver the ball (leverage - ball below your head, strong shoulder position, hand rotating strongly from behind and underneath the ball) and putting more on it (better understanding of your tilt and axis rotation) so you can improve your rev rate, potentially have a stronger roll, get out of the ball cleaner and not work so hard to hook it.

It sounds like, like many bowler who don't know what a good fit is, you're just not coming out of the ball well. All that you've tried is a confusing mish mash of muscle memory that's making consistency very challenging for you. As I mentioned before, I'd look for a certified instructor (NOT just somebody that averages more than you, many bowlers score well on easy house shots and have no real idea what they're doing).

Video tape yourself. When you realize you don't throw the ball very consistently, you'll realize that you need to control that part of the game, not just buy a ball that you won't throw well and continue to be frustrated (There is no substitute for a well executed bowling shot).

Expensive sports equipment is NO substitute for skill. Thanks for the follow up. Good luck with your bowling goals.  


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