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QUESTION: How customized can a bowling ball get? How does one place an object into the ball? And how custom can a bowling ball be, and yet still be legit as a league ball? I was thinking it might be amusing to get a clear ball with a wallet stuck inside of it as if I dropped it when the ball was being made. lol.

Also is Canada the only place where 6 pin bowling is played?

Are there any alleys with different scoring rules for the game? Something that might make the game seem more fun.

ANSWER: James,

Can't customize them too much. You can put a picture on them of just about anything ( Putting stuff inside is expensive and is only being done overseas at this point, that I'm aware of. And making something that contained anything, the "core" #the wallet) would have to withstand molten plastic.  The wallet would burn up.

Never heard of 6 pin, tell me more?

The organization that oversees the sport of bowling seek consistent rules, etc. but get together with your bud's and you can play by whatever rules you want, I suppose.

Thanks for the question.

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QUESTION: I've never actually seen it, but a Canadian friend of mine told me it is bowling with 6 pins that are spaced out more, and I think you may get 3 throws to get them down.

Well the problem with playing by my own rules is I can't reprogram the alley game as to determine how many throws I get per frame, nor how scoring is based. For example I get tons of 9[/], which makes my score one hell of a lot lower than striking every time. I don't think people that get 9 on the first throw get as many points as they should. Perhaps for pro bowlers there can be some set rules, but for a sport that many people play for fun despite that many people are horrible at it and just go to be with friends it does seem like there should be different versions of the game as there are different versions of card games.

I've heard Candle pins utilize a small ball and thin pins but you get three shots, or duck pins, 3 shots but small pins on a full size (39 boards) lane.

Ask your bowling center if you can switch scoring to the No-Tap option. When you get nine the machine will sweep the spare and give you a No-Tap Strike. Won't help you get etter though, because you'd get no spare shots and repetition helpd with consistency. Just a thought.

When I was a kid, the lanes were oily and the balls were rubber and not many people EVER rolled strikes. Now lanes are so easy and balls are so strong even little kids, blind people and 80 year olds have rolled perfect scores. Challenge is why bowling is a sport. Get some imput from a coach, it doesn't sound like you're that far from moving to the next level. A little improvement and you'll earn the strikes.



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