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i throw the ball fast.  If average is 16-18 I throw 22-24,  The oil on the lanes are moderate.  I want to [purchase a bowl That will right away.  I want a bowl that hooks as soon as I put in on the ball return.  What do you suggest?

Just like the tires on a car, the cover of a ball helps control the slickness of an oiled lane surface. If you're driving on snow or ice, you need rougher, more aggressive tread, maybe even little metal spikes sticking out of the tires! Many bowling stores try to help hard throwers like yourself with a ball with a core that helps contribute to the reaction you might get on the lane. Getting the right layout and core and cover combination is why you pay good money to a top ball driller. Not knowing anything else about how you throw a ball, I can recite a list of strong covers, rough surface bowling balls. But that alone WILL NOT help you.

Your simple request is "I throw hard what should I get." The problem is, there are all kinds of rough bowling balls, getting the rest of the ball to match up to what you do is the crucial part of where you're at.

The List: Columbia 300 Enigma, Brunswick red/black Nexus, DV8 Hellrasier Revenge, Ebonite Challenge, Motiv Raptor Talon, Roto Grip Defiant, Storm Virtual Gravity Nano and Storm Vivid and finally Track 916 AT. Not including a bunch of small ball companies, the List is most of the strongest balls on the market, off the top of my head.

Your need is unique and I usually devote quite a bit of time to get the details of how you roll a bowling ball. If you want to add more info, I'll look for a follow up. Thanks for the question.  


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