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Bowling/ball/drill pattern


I am a tweener in release of the ball and medium speed.. My PAP is 4 over 3/4 up...Could you suggest me a couple different balls and layouts in your opinion that could work at the USBC Opens this year in Reno.. I see the pattern lengths or 41 and 39" with Kegle Ice conditioner.

Without more detail about your skills, your present equipment and a budget, I could only guess. Guessing isn't going to help.

What do you like to play? Play the 41 foot pattern exiting the pattern at 10, the other at 8. No idea about your speed, so I can't make any evaluation about what surface to consider. No idea about your axis tilt, rev rate or axis rotation so I can't recommend layout choices.

What's your best effort at Nationals? How did you plan then? Are you practicing on the patterns? Does your team plan how you will attack the pattern? What equipment do you use now? What worked best for you before? Do you bowl on wood or synthetics? Does your current driller just NOT talk to you about your bowling equipment?

Thanks for the question. Please provide more info so I can make an informed evaluation. Not a bad idea to send a video if you can.  


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