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Bowling/drill pattern for 44 foot oil patterns


QUESTION: Im purchasing the brunswick aura paranormal to use for a tournament with an oil pattern of 44 ft.  I like to play between the first and second arrow and dont have a ball designed for this type of pattern. Im right handed, ball speed is 12-15.  What is the best drill pattern to use so that i get good hook into the pocket?

You need a much better sense and better control of your ball speed. No tool (bowling ball) can be effective if you are giving it almost a second more or less time on the lane. Your results would be dramatically different, considering your ball speed alone.

It is impossible to suggest a layout with out knowing your axis tilt, axis rotation and rev rate. Also, knowing something about the lane you will be bowling on and the volume of oil on the 44 foot pattern.

Do you know your Positive Axis Point? What balls do you own and use effectively now? How are they laid out? Are all your ball choices the same weight? What influenced your decision to purchase the Brunswick ball?

Thank for the question, please provide more info so I can give you some suggestions.

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QUESTION: Oil Per Board: 40 uL Forward Oil Total: Forward Boards Crossed: Oil Pattern Distance: 9 mL 225 Boards 44 Feet MACHINE: Kegel Phoenix-S (Transfer Brush / No Drop Brush) SURFACE: Brunswick Pro-Anvilane (Generation 1) CONDITIONER / CLEANER: Brunswick Control / Invincible "This long and slick pattern will allow multiple angles of play with the bowler having the option to play left or right of the 2nd arrow to begin. For most bowlers, the ball will not recover outside of the 1st arrow because of the pattern length." Volume Oil Total: 20.92 mL Reverse Oil Total: Total Boards Crossed: 523 Boards 11.92 mL Reverse Boards Crossed: Conditioner: Type In or Select One TransferType: Type In or Select One Forward Reverse Combined Buff 298 Boards
All of my balls are brunswick and drilled with the pin just below the middle finger.  On dry lanes i get geat reaction from my c-system but on oil it just slides

Still have no idea how you roll the ball, but the pattern you copied (some of the columns were out of order), reflects a modest amount of volume on the 44 foot pattern. Which means the lanes will change fairly quickly if other players are playing in the same general area on the lane (or with slower speed, higher rev rates or duller/rougher balls). Pro-Anvilane is smooth and plays slick unless it's an older surface with league wear and tear. The machine used will only apply oil effectively when used properly, so you may cross some lanes with what seems like much less oil.

Oil Per Board: 40 uL, Forward Oil Total: 9 mL, Forward Boards Crossed: 225 Boards, Oil Pattern Distance: 44 Feet. Volume Oil Total: 20.92 mL, Reverse Oil Total: 11.92 mL, Total Boards Crossed: 523 Boards, Reverse Boards Crossed: 298 Boards. Conditioner: Brunswick Control.

Pin below lay outs, especially ones that provide good length are long pins (to Positive Axis Points) usually. Have your driller layout a 4 inch pin to PAP, using a big pin to Center of Gravity ball with modest top weight (not more than 3 oz), with a Dual Angle drill angle of 60 degrees and have them skuff the ball a little (3000 or 4000 grit) to give you a slightly earlier read on the lane. Have the driller put whatever Vertical Axis Angle (VAL) that they think will work for you given your speed variation and unknown rev rate, axis tilt, and axis rotation. Use the side and thumb weight after drilling to place a weight hole to make the ball legal but also tweak the downlane reaction as needed with the size and location of the hole.

OR, use your hookingest pin under ball with some surface, 1000 or 2000 grit and keep your speed consistent and SLOW. As the lane breaks down and everyone else's stuff is hooking to much, use the next stronger ball in your arsenal (with a smooth, probably compound or polished cover) in the same area of the lane, but stay slow!

If you do great with your new ball or the adjustments on your old stuff, drop my cut into the donation box here at I'll get in touch with the National Sales Manager at Brunswick and share your success, and congratulate him for the great new ball, and maybe get you a little something something for your efforts in addition to the big pile of cash from the prize list.

FYI, on dry lanes you should get great ball reaction from everything! Best of luck, play nice but WIN! Let me know how you do.  


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